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How To Decorate A Princess Room

how to decorate a princess room

  • Provide (a room or building) with a color scheme, paint, wallpaper, etc

  • award a mark of honor, such as a medal, to; "He was decorated for his services in the military"

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  • Confer an award or medal on (a member of the armed forces)

  • The daughter of a monarch

  • a female member of a royal family other than the queen (especially the daughter of a sovereign)

  • Princess is a 2006 adult-themed Danish animated film directed by Anders Morgenthaler and co-written by Morgenthaler and Mette Heeno.

  • Princess is the feminine form of prince (from Latin princeps, meaning citizen). Most often, the term has been used for the consort of a prince, or his daughters.

  • A close female relative of monarch, esp. a son's daughter

  • The wife or widow of a prince

    how to
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empty bottles of wine (16:9)

empty bottles of wine (16:9)

She grabbed the bottle of wine and filled her wine glass three-quarters

full, emptying it to the last drop. "Penfolds Shiraz 1994, South Australia."

she said. Twirling the glass around for a good 10 seconds, she then tipped it

and held it an inch below her nose to inhale the aroma.

We made a toast with the customary "kampai" before taking a sip out of our

glasses. She stared at my hands as I laid my wine glass on the table.

"Do you know there is a right and a wrong way to hold a wine glass? It does

make a difference." She held her wine glass up a little higher so I could see

over the candles. "Never hold the glass by its bowl, only by its stem ; the

heat of your hand will quickly warm the liquid."

I responded "oh really? I never knew that. I usually hold it by the bowl of the

glass. I learn something new everyday. "

She smiled "I love vintage wine. This one is more than a decade old, bottled to

perfection." She paused for a brief moment as if reflecting on some thoughts.

"15 years ago, things were very different. My husband and I were inseparable.

Then came our careers - The ambitious person in me told me to quit my job at

the advertising company I was working for and I ended up starting my own one.

He too became busier as his career progressed." She took another sip "...then

came the kids."

"How many do you have?" I asked.

She points to the photos across the room, on the display cupboards. "3

daughters. The oldest, Yukiko is 12. I love them to bits." I walked over for a

closer look at the photos "They're really cute"

"and they have boundless energy." she said without hesitation. "Whenever I

throw a party and have friends over, my eldest always comes into the living

room to check who's here. She's more mature than most kids at her age and isn't

shy at all to mingle with the adults."

"Confidence and charm huh? I guess she takes after you a lot." I replied

without sounding sarcastic.

I walked through to the kitchen and the walls were decorated with felt-pen

colored drawings from her children. Two of the drawings caught my eye. One was

a picture of her in a princess-like dress, wearing a tiara with love hearts

around her and "I LOVE YOU MOM" scribbled across the top. The other was a

picture of the whole family holding hands and smiling with colorful hearts

filling out the background.

"Nice drawings.Your kids really love you!"

She points to the drawing of her wearing the tight dress. "Yeah, I especially

liked how my 12 year old outlined my cleavage on that drawing!" I let out a

loud laugh and she followed with a giggle.

"Things are not always how it seems though. I've had to cover for his


"Mistakes?" I asked.

She whispers to me "Yeah, he has a girlfriend. The kids aren't aware of this. I

basically tell them that Daddy works late nights." She muttered with a hint of

sarcasm in her voice "He's soooo busy working hard for you kids!"

I tried keeping a straight face "So he's hardly ever home?"

"No , he comes home but usually very late. Oh, you don't have to worry. If he

sees you, he'll just say hello. He's used to seeing my friends over here; male

, female...whatever."

I nodded and there was a moment of silence.

She grabbed the empty bottle of Shiraz and stared at it for a few seconds "Men

are as dispensible as this empty bottle of wine" she said with a vindictive

laugh. "I'd like to start dating again but as it is, I have my hands full with the company and nail salons, not to mention the 3 kids..."

"Doesn't your husband help out with the kids?" I asked.

"Sure, but he's not very good at pulling his own weight. Surfing takes up a lot

of his time but his late-night visits to his girlfriend are becoming more

frequent. It doesn't bother me anymore but it won't be long before the kids

find out. The elder one is equipped to handle the situation but the two younger

ones...well, I don't know."

"Well, I think you're one of the most resilient women I've ever met"

She grinned as if emotionally unaffected by the situation "I've always been a

strong woman. Not many men can handle me."

She stood up from the lounge and walked over near the window sills where

another 6 empty wine bottles of different colors and sizes were arranged in a

straight line.

"See these?" she points to them. "They'll be gone by tomorrow when the garbage

man picks it up! I line them up every week on this window sill."

I responded "Well you know, perhaps you should start dating again but when you

date, think of it as buying a pair of shoes."

"What do you mean?" she asked.

"Oh, haven't you heard of this one? Don't buy the first pair of shoes you try o

Carew Castle

Carew Castle

The use of the site for military purposes extends back at least 2000 years.

Early history
The castle stands on a limestone bluff overlooking the Carew inlet — a part of the tidal estuary that makes up Milford Haven. The site must have been recognised as strategically useful from the earliest times, and recent excavations in the outer ward have discovered multiple defensive walls of an Iron Age fort.

The Norman castle has its origins in a stone keep built by Gerald de Windsor around the year 1100. Gerald was made castellan of Pembroke Castle by Arnulf of Montgomery in the first Norman invasion of Pembrokeshire. He married Nest, princess of Deheubarth around 1095. Nest brought the manor of Carew as part of her dowry, and Gerald cleared the existing fort to build his own castle on Norman lines. The original outer walls were timber, and only the keep was of stone. This still exists in the later structure as the "Old Tower".

Medieval development
Gerald's son William took the name "de Carew", and in the middle of the 12th century created an enclosure with stone walls incorporating the original keep, and a "Great Hall" inside it. The current high-walled structure with a complex of rooms and halls around the circumference was created by Nicholas de Carew around 1270, concurrent with (and influenced by) the construction of the Edwardian castles in North Wales. At this time, the outer ward was also walled in.

Tudor development
The de Carews fell on hard times in the post-Black Death period and mortgaged the castle. It fell into the hands of Rhys ap Thomas, who made his fortune by strategically changing sides and backing Henry Tudor just before the battle of Bosworth.

Rewarded with lands and a knighthood, he extended the castle with luxurious apartments with many Tudor features in the late 15th century. An inner doorway is decorated with three coats of arms: those of Henry VII, his son Arthur and Arthur's wife Catherine of Aragon. This allegiance turned sour. Rhys's grandson Rhys ap Gruffudd fell out of favour and was executed by Henry VIII for treason in 1531. The castle thus reverted to the crown and was leased to various tenants. In 1558 it was acquired by Pembrokeshire plutocrat John Perrott, who made the final substantial extension, building the long range of rooms in domestic architecture attached to the outside of the north walls which give the castle its present peculiarly hybrid character.

Subsequent decay
Perrot subsequently fell out of favour and died imprisoned in the Tower of London in 1592. The castle reverted to the crown and was finally re-purchased by the de Carew family in 1607. In the Civil War, the castle was lucklessly fortified by Royalists although south Pembrokeshire was strongly Parliamentarian. It changed hands three times, and with the Royalists defeated, the south wall was pulled down to render the castle indefensible. At the Restoration the castle was returned to the de Carews, who continued to occupy the east part until 1686, after which it was left to decay. Much of the structure was looted for building stone and for lime burning. Since 1984 Cadw has funded a substantial amount of restoration performed by the Park Authority.

Roland Rees, the ape and the fire
Roland Rees held court in the north-west tower with a Barbary Ape. A wretched creature captured half-crazed from a shipwreck and now enchained for entertainment.

On the night in question, there was a powerful storm with howling winds and rain lashing the windows. The ape grew restless and Rees grew morbid in the dull stupor of drink, when there was a knock at the door. A Flemish tradesman had made his way to the castle, distressed and emotional to tell how Rees’ son had forced his way into his home and raped his daughter. In drunken temper, Rees loosened the ape’s chains and goaded it maul the tradesman close to death. The tradesman dragged himself free and slammed the door shut between himself and the maddened ape. Weak through loss of blood, he struggled to make his way to the Castle gates and collapsed in semi-consciousness.

Thick smoke then engulfed the Castle as the Northwest tower caught fire. The tradesman recovered and made his way back to the castle where he saw Rees and the Ape locked in mortal combat. A lighted taper in Rees’ hand had torched all it touched. The tradesman summoned all his strength and fled, never return to the castle again.

The ghost of the tormented ape is said to haunt the castle to this day.

Tidal Mill
Carew Mill is the only intact tidal mill in Wales and one of only four in Britain. While its precise date of origin is uncertain, documentary evidence indicates a mill of some kind was here in 1542. The first reference to a causeway comes in a commission of 1630, indicating that Sir John Carew had restored the floodgates and causeway walls some 15 years earlier.

The tidal mill at Carew
The present building dates from the early 19th century and indeed one of the

how to decorate a princess room

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