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Make Mexican Decorations

make mexican decorations

  • The process or art of decorating or adorning something

  • A thing that serves as an ornament

  • Ornamentation

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  • (mexico) a republic in southern North America; became independent from Spain in 1810

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make mexican decorations - Tin Craft:

Tin Craft: A Workbook

Tin Craft: A Workbook

The colorful tin decorations seen throughout the American southwest and in Mexico are the inspiration for exciting these tin craft projects you can make yourself. In TIN CRAFT, author Fern-Rae Abraham introduces the marvels of this economical and satisfying pastime. Taking advantage of the wonderful colors and shiny surfaces of easily available commercial tin cans, the author gives detailed instructions for projects with patterns for you to trace, cut out, and solder into delicate sprays of daisies, exotic lilies, birds to hold up festive swags, and sparkling holiday angels. This informative craft book is fully illustrated by the author and complete with lists of necessary tools and materials for each project. So venture off to your local grocery store, purchase a six-pack of soda pop, return home, empty the soda pop in the kitchen sink and begin your lifelong obsession with TIN CRAFT! Have fun and be sure not to cut yourself.

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Mexican Bento #10/ How To

Mexican Bento #10/ How To


I made the sombrero using pillsbury recipe creations dough.

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Make a hat shaped mold using aluminum foil and shape with fingers until you get the shape you want. I wrapped the foil around the top of my avocado to make sure it would fit on top of him and then started shaping it around his "head".

Spray the foil mold with some non stick cooking spray!

Unroll the dough, drape it over mold, press and shape dough around the mold with fingers. Be careful not to get the dough too thin or it will rip.

Now decorate with anything you like, wetting the dough to stick the decorations on. I used bell peppers and carrots. Keep in mind the dough will expand a can see where my squiggly carrots got disconnected because the expansion.

Stick it in the oven! The cooking time and temperature may vary depending on how big and thick your dough is. Just keep checking on it and take it out when you see it browning.

This is a really cool way to decorate and add some carbs to your bentos! Of course, you don't HAVE to make a sombrero. You can shape the dough into anything you want!

Birthday cupcakes .....

Birthday cupcakes .....

....... here are my finished cupcakes for our neighbour's surprise birthday tea party this afternoon.
One of her three daughters is also making some cupcakes so I will put another tier on my stand and set them up as one joint display.
My neighbour loves shopping and fashion and her favourite colours are pink and green ....... so here are shoes, handbags and pashminas for her!

Lemon buttercakes and vanilla buttercakes, fondant iced with hand modelled mexican paste decorations.
Made Explore 16.05.2009

make mexican decorations

make mexican decorations

Dance of the Eggshells: Baile De Los Cascarones (English and Spanish Edition)

Libby and her older brother, J.D., don't get along, and their relationship is tested in an unexpected way when they visit their grandparents in Santa Fe. It's the week after Easter and Grandma Socorro is eager to share a cultural tradition with her grandchildren - the Baile de los Cascarones, the Dance of the Eggshells. Although both children are skeptical, Libby soon immerses herself in carefully emptying and rinsing the cascarones or eggshells, then filling them with brightly colored confetti. As Libby decorates them, Grandma Socorro tells her about the Spanish tradition. At the Baile de los Cascarones, people ask one another to dance by gently crushing cascarones over their heads. When the day of the baile arrives, Libby is excited to take part in the fun. While J.D. bombards his cousins with cascarones and ignores the dancing, Libby learns every traditional dance. During the popular Baile de la Escoba (the Broom Dance), J.D. is forced to dance and Libby saves him from embarrassment. This bilingual children's story explores the family bond created through traditions passed on by grandparents. Through Libby's first exposure to the Baile de los Cascarones, author Carla Aragon recounts one of her favorite customs while growing up in Santa Fe.

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